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Terms & Conditions


Roof Repair Special Offers:

 Percentage discounts are applicable to total basic repair costs of up to $1,000 (i.e. 10% of $1,000 = $100 in applicable savings).

Roof Repair special offers change periodically, and will have specified expiration dates listed with the special offer information. After the specified expiration date listed, any special offer is void and no longer applicable to use

Roof Repair special offers are specifically referring to basic Roof Repairs only, and are not applicable to Full Roof Replacements. 

Full Roof Replacement Special Offers:

 The Free Ventilation Upgrade special offer is an "add on" applicable only when receiving a full roof replacement from Craven Roofing & Construction, Inc., and may not be applied separately. 

The term "Free Ventilation Upgrade" is a free replacement or single add on, installation of 1 new roof vent, maximum, and is not referring to a full replacement of all ventilation equipment on the structure.

Limited number of vents available. Offer is void when supply is depleted.

Terms of Agreement

By proceeding with any discounts or special offers, you are agreeing to the specified and listed Terms and Conditions,  directly above. 

To be eligible for any current savings opportunities, mention the current, applicable discount you have seen online, to your repairman at the time of the initial quote.

Any discounts or special offers requested to be honored after this point in time will be honorable only at the Craven Roofing's discretion. 

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