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Metal roofing

The Advantages of Metal Roofing.

Metal roofs are an elegant addition to any home, and can even bring old, dated homes back to life with a fresh and modern appeal. 

While looks and aesthetics are always a plus, metal roofs are also more durable than your average asphalt shingle, or even tile, roofs. Metal roofs do cost slightly more than asphalt shingle roofs, but with more years of life expectancy in their design, you can expect more value out of your money than with a lesser cost shingle roof. A metal roof is surely an upgrade. 

Some advantages of metal roofs you should know about.

  • Asphalt shingle roofs can be damaged by strong winds, but metal roofs can withstand far more wind without being damaged,  which will save you money in repair bills where asphalt shingles won't. An advantage of the metal roof's sturdy and sleek design. 

  • You may have a commonly misconceived doubt about metal roofs and what hail may potentially do to them. Rest assured, metal roofs are very durable and can withstand most small to medium size hail stone producing storms. Yes, there are hail stones large enough to damage metal roofs, but the size of hail stone it would take to damage a metal roof is larger than the size of hail stone capable of damaging a shingle roof.

  • Metal roofs weather better than shingle roofs. With the repeated yearly seasons, comes the onslaught of heat and cold, moisture and dust, along with other factors, and all combine to wear down an asphalt shingle roof over time. Metal roofs handle the repetitious yearly seasons, and their many corrosive elements, better than asphalt roofs are capable of, giving your roof more life expectancy. With protective coatings and UV resistant designs, you can expect  a longer, more satisfying experience with your metal roof.

Looking for Metal Roof Repair?

We repair many types of roofs, including metal roofs. To see our Roof Repairs page, please click the button below. 

Roof Repairs


Obviously we don't smelt the metal at your home, so for time's sake, some things are done before we arrive. However, we make it all fit at your home, custom fabricating the field sheets on site, so you get the custom fit you are looking for. No cookie cutter designs for us, or you. Watch the magic happen in this video. 


3 Tips To Ensure You Have The Right Roofing Company On Your Roof.

  1. Be sure to ask if they are a licensed roofing contractor in the state of Texas, and equally important, ask if they are insured. Ask for proof if you have doubts.
  2. Avoid heavily "sales" influenced roofing companies. A roofing company should be able to talk to you about the idea of installing a metal roof without it feeling like you are buying a car. These types of roofing companies are often uninterested in repair services, and focused almost entirely on full roof replacements. Don't expect much in the way of follow up later if something goes wrong, either.
  3. Avoid roofing companies "in a truck". It isn't uncommon for a roofing contractor to work mainly out of his truck, but if the roofing company he is claiming to own or work for doesn't have a fully functional website and a google maps presence when searched for, then there is a chance they are a "hail chaser", literally chasing hail storms during the spring, not loyal to any one area/state, and a guaranteed "no" on the follow up, or anything else after they get paid.

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