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If you are searching for a reliable roofing contractor because your house was hit by a hail storm, there are a few key things you need to know. 

The most important thing to be mindful of is that you are searching for a roof repair service, so if you contact a roofing company only to find yourself talking to a salesperson, this is your first sign that the roofing company is focused on the profit of serving you, and not the act itself. 

Roofing contractors that knock on doors in storm damaged areas are salespeople 9 times out of 10. Door to door roofing contractors, often referred to as "hail chasers", are a type of seasonal, low hanging fruit focused group. Their focus is 100% on selling new roofs, or full roof replacements. So if you need basic repairs, you will likely be on the back burner if given any further interest at all.

Craven Roofing is one of the few professional roof repair services in existence, in North Texas. We put you in touch with a repairman, respecting your time, and focusing on what solution is best for you. Plus you can expect us to be there if there is any further repairs needed down the road, as we are locally based in DFW, and we communicate well with our customers. 

We aren't just a carbon copy roofing company, who's only interest is our profit. We are your neighborhood professional roof repair service, and you can always count on us to be around when you need us, even if it's an emergency.


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If your home has suffered wind damage, whether that be high speed winds pulling shingles off of your roof, or an emergency situation caused by a tornado, rest assured, Craven Roofing is here for you in either instance, and for every one in between. 

Act quickly, if wind damage has exposed your roof to potential leaks. Leaks can spread for some time before becoming visible as a brown spot on your ceiling, so don't take any chances, especially if parts of shingles, or whole shingles, have already come off your roof. 

Make sure you hire a roofing contractor who is locally based, and can be geo-verified by searching their company name on Google, or Bing, Etc. 

Sometimes additional leaks may appear originating from other parts of the roof, unforeseen to even a trained eye of an experienced roofer, and you want to be able to count on the roofing contractor you hired originally to be there in those situations. Having to hire a different contractor can lead to more problems and stress, as they will have to guess how the previous repairs were performed and attempt to solve the problem for you without that knowledge. 

This is of course unless the initial repairs done by your last roofing contractor were executed so poorly that you don't trust them to be able to fix it again and that is why you are on our website now, then rest easy, you're in good hands now.

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Water can cause mold, but more noticeably it can cause brown stains in your ceiling where water damage has finally made itself visible from inside your home. If you are seeing the initial signs of a roof leak, there is no good amount of time to wait to fix the problem. 

Waiting a week or two to raise the money so you don't have to tap into your savings can end up costings you substantially more. Don't have the money, and insurance won't cover it? We have financing options available*. Don't wait for the problem to grow. 

We are a repair service focused roofing company. There is a good chance if you act quickly that your current roof will be just fine with basic repairs. We believe that repairing the roof you already have should be every roofing companies starting point. 

Quickly suggesting that full roof replacement is your best option is like a doctor going straight to surgery over a routine check up because of a cough. It would leave you wanting a second opinion, and it should.

*Financing available for those with qualifying credit. Approval is not guaranteed by Craven Roofing & Construction, Inc., or our third party lenders. Qualifications are not set or controlled by Craven Roofing & Construction, Inc., and are not negotiable.

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Professional Roof Repair Service


In the state of Texas, it is not required for a roofing contractor to be licensed as a roofing contractor. Just because someone pulls up in a truck with a ladder and knocks on your door, presenting themselves as trustworthy, doesn't mean they are licensed to work on your roof. Many roofing companies are, but many fly by night roofing companies are not licensed. 

Avoid the liability and make sure your roofing company is licensed with RCAT (Roofing Contractors Association of Texas). Craven Roofing is licensed and insured. So if you choose us to work on your roof, you know we are taking you seriously.


A roofing company that is not insured, is a liability to you. If during a repair to your roof, one of the uninsured roofing company's workers falls off of the roof and sustains injuries, he can sue the homeowner (you) for compensation. 

Don't make the mistake of hiring a roofing contractor who doesn't even care enough about their own employees to insure them. How much could they possibly be concerned with your roof or satisfaction? Any honest roofing company should be willing to provide these upon request, but at the very least, ask the question. 


One thing you should make sure of when considering a roof contractor is that they are locally based. If they have local headquarters in multiple states, that isn't a bad thing, but if they have no local base of operations, they will be less likely to show up when you need them down the road if their work didn't fix the problem you paid to be fixed. 

You may be asking why someone would show up if they had no local base of operations. The sad truth is that if they aren't locally based in DFW, they will likely not be returning to your area again until the next big storm rolls through it and causes more damage, and will have little interest in tending to poorly executed repairs from previous customers in the area, often ignoring their calls entirely and focusing on their next big commission.

words of caution

Don't Look For Shortcuts

Sometimes a quick fix can be helpful in life, but not for your roof. There isn't a "solution in a can" when it comes to repairing a roof leak (or damage to your roof that can lead to roof leaks), like Flex Seal, or some other cheap product claiming to be the super solution. It is a repair that is needed, and one that requires knowledge and skill to fix, whether that be of your own or a professionals. 

If you are a DIY type of person and want to tackle your roof repairs by yourself, then please take the necessary safety precautions to avoid injury or worse, and research the best practices of DIY roof repair first. If you do not have time to learn the necessary safety precautions, then please, hire a professional.

Trust A Professional Roof Repair Service

Learn the difference between a roof repair service and a roofing sales business. Many salesman will want to talk to you about the possibility of a new roof when a storm rolls through and they can see a few shingles missing from your roof, but a repair service will always look for ways to repair your current roof, before moving on to more expensive solutions like full roof replacement. This way you will know it cost you only as much as needed to be fixed, rather than that plus any extra that could be made for the company, as is practiced in sales.

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