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Why We Started 'Blogger on the Roof'.

Craven Roofing & Construction, Inc. was founded because the owner of the company, Chris Craven, saw a great need for a roofing company focused on offering professional repair services, not just selling whole new roofs. Focusing on roof repairs doesn't make as much money as selling new roofs, so, very often, repairs will be peddled off to others to be done, and they don't normally do a very good job of it. With this going on all over North Texas, homeowners all throughout have been frustrated at the lack of concern for that which doesn't make the roofing company the most money. 

So, to help fill the gaps left by sales focused roofing companies, and answer the questions that they won't, we started Blogger on the Roof. The local North Texas blog, offering relevant, and current, helpful information to homeowners. Answering their questions, and helping them navigate the many layers of the DFW roofing industry that they may be unfamiliar with. Even if we don't get to be your roofing contractor, we hope to at least help you avoid finding a less than worthy roofing contractor, who isn't focused on what is best for you, the homeowner. 

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